Our Story Five Atlantean Feminine Beings as One by Susan Crossley


Published: January 29th 2015


368 pages


Our Story  by  Five Atlantean Feminine Beings as One by Susan Crossley

Our Story by Five Atlantean Feminine Beings as One by Susan Crossley
January 29th 2015 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 368 pages | ISBN: | 7.79 Mb

The five Atlantean priestesses, known as One, are from a highly evolved state, the nature of their being is one of pureness of heart and love. This book is written by the art of Channelling and their story came in the form of addresses over a period of a year, each one succinct and yet evolving, which Susan Crossley took down verbatim.They describe Atlantis, their cities, and how they built their magnificent temples and buildings out of thought, showing you what people did for work, their love for experimenting and their amazing feats of engineering and advanced technology.They share their wisdom and their teachings throughout the book and show how they made the deep connections that revealed the Earth’s secrets.

They describe the true origins of the dolphins and how crystals came to rescue humanity. They speak of what happened when the balance of Earth went out of kilter and their clarion call for help. They show the catastrophes that brought Atlantis struggling to her knees, the deceit, the intrigue and danger in their midst and finally the demise of the whole continent.Atlantis is the history of mankind, the true Atlantis, which is so fragmented in our present understanding, and the One will help us remember.

Their wealth of knowledge and love knew no bounds and they stayed for 2,000 years, forging these amazing relationships with their fellow human beings.This is a rare look in such detail and with such explicit teachings and understanding that it is truly amazing and a wonderful piece of long-lost history.

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